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Under Saturn's Shadow- James Hollis, PhD.

Unless men emerge from the darkness, we shall continue to wound women and each other, and the world can never be safe and healthy place.

Man is more than an economical animal.

Rites of passage implies the ending of something and beginning of the other.

We cannot avoid the tasks of growth through ignorance, for otherwise the developmental process of becoming a man, remains undone.

Healing of a man would require that he cease feeling ashamed by his behaviour.

The bridge from childhood to adulthood has been washed, through loss of elders either by death, depression, alcoholism, corporate or golden parachutes.

A man boasting of his big car/house/job etc is surely compensating to some degree for how small he feels.

No animal is dangerous than one that is frightened.

What we do not understand in ourselves is projected onto our sorroundings.

Out of rage, men wound others, out of their sorrow/shame, they grow more distant.

Where power is, love is not.

Banding together of fearful men is a breeding ground of violence.

One oppresses what one fears.

Many men carry a mountain of rage and a lake of tears, and if they don't let it out, it will kill them.

Rage in men may be in some case a by-product of child-abuse.

If he still blames the mother or other women, he has not yet grown up.

Most men would be ashamed to admit that they seek their mother through their partner.

What is not suffered psychologically is rolled over to the next generation.

Whenever and wherever we see men seeking to control women, we are seeing fears ugly work.

Behind one's wound there often lies a person's genius.

First step to adulthood= physical separation which will then enhance psychological separation.

It is necessary for men to be wounded, so they can break free from their mother; but it is also necessary that those wounds enhance growth.

You don't have to be a therapist to know that anger turned inward may somatize or become depression.

As a consequence of missing rites of passage, men doubt their masculinity.

It takes men a year in therapy to reach the point where women usually begin.

Meaning only comes to us when people feel that they are living the symbolic life, that they are actors in the divine drama.


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