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Jordan Peterson: 12 RULES FOR LIFE, an antidote to chaos.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Jordan states as much in his book just as he does in the trending YouTube videos. The book is more informative despite the small font and its lengthiness. The experiences including his own used in the book. From his upbringing in Alberta to his friendships, its worth a read.

Similar to James Hollis' book (Finding meaning in second half), it wasn't shocking to see some similar lessons yet different experiences between the two authors. Refering to Carl Jung as well is evident in both books, " No tree is said to grow to heaven without its roots reaching to hell", among other Jung quotes and references.

My Favourite quotes from #12RULESFORLIFE are:

You have to run as fast as you can, just to stay in the same position.

Anxiety and depression cannot be treated if the sufferer has an unpredictable daily routine.

Circumstances change, so can you.

Standing up straight means voluntary accepting the burden of being.

The desire to improve is a precondition for progress.

It's a good thing and not a selfish thing to choose the people who are good for you.

You could be more than you are.

It's a mistake to aim for a better life, if it comes at a cost of worsening someone else's.

Concentrate on the day so you can live in the present, and attend completely/properly to the task at hand.

Sometimes when people have a low opinion of their own worth, they refuse responsibility for their own lives- they choose friends who have proved troublesome the past as they believe they don't deserve any better.

If you cease to utter falsehoods and live according to the dictates of your own conscience, you can maintain your nobility even when facing the ultimate threat.

Once you become consciously aware that you are vulnerable, you understand the nature of human vulnerability in general.

Bread is of little use to a man who has betrayed his own soul.

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