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Life's worst obstacles; fear and lethargy.

The ultimate enemies we have to fight are within ourselves.

Each of us carries two great challenges to the conduct of our lives; fear and lethargy.

Fear says the world out there is too much for you, too big, you can't handle it and the second is lethargy; the desire to go back to sleep, pull a blanket over our heads, turn on the telly, have some chocolate, etc.

The soul has to contend with these two enemies. Fear and lethargy keep us away from our journey.

Everyday one has to show up, as best as they can, which is always daunting and challenging if you are living an authentic life.

James Hollis PhD, suggests a six-word motto, "Shut up, Suit up, Show up", which may apply to fight fear and lethargy in our daily lives;

"Shut up"- stop whining, you don't have real problems, there are people whose children are being murdered, don't have a roof over their heads, etc.

"Suit up"- pay your dues, work hard.

"Show up"- do the best you can, that's all life asks of us.

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