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How Much Are Utilities In Nyc

129. Apr 23, 2007 - 9:42pm. Cubs24: Can some of you guys let me know what you pay. For a 2-3 bedroom apartment, I know there is no single answer but what price range should I expect to be paying for utilities, cable, wireless, etc. Thanks.

Elec: $40/BR. Cable + Internet + Taxes = $70/mo. I pay for electric/gas/internet/cable in a smallish studio on the UES. Electric/gas runs about $100/month in the summer and I run the window A/C basically all day every day. In the winter it is between $50-$100 depending on how much I use the gas heater. Cable/internet is like $100/month. 1 level 1 · 10 yr. ago Strange things can make a difference. On average, an individual adult should plan to spend between $268.50 and $315.90 on food every month, while a family of four will probably spend closer to $1,000. 30. While food isn’t exactly a utility, there’s still a monthly cost that goes into feeding yourself and your family.

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